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Capacity Building Workshop (ENGLISH) - Cluster II
Event Start Date : 18/02/2017 Event End Date 18/02/2017

February 18, 2017

‘Capacity Building Workshop (ENGLISH) - Cluster II’

With an aim to bring qualitative changes and to focus on exploring new and interesting approaches to teaching of English, DAV Centenary Public School, Paschim Enclave organized a Capacity Building Workshop for English teachers of West Delhi (Cluster – II) DAV Schools on February 18, 2017 under the aegis of DAVCMC.  The workshop was conducted by Master Trainers - Ms. Aarti Bhaskar and Ms. Nilu Saluja for the Middle Group (VI – VIII). More than 40 teachers of DAV schools of Delhi and NCR participated in the programme. The workshop began with an interesting ice-breaking activity to enable the participants to know each other better and also to understand the importance of communication.

Ms. Aarti Bhaskar emphasized recapitulation of Bloom’s Taxonomy and highlighted a better version of it, shifting the focus from rote learning to application based understanding. She further discussed ways of empowering the creative abilities of the children keeping in mind their individual differences. Ms. Nilu Saluja reinforced that modified activity based content is the most effective method to induce learning since “Seeing is believing, and doing is retaining”. She also emphasized the fact that children learn best when examples from their daily life are used to reinforce the topics they are taught. She further stressed on the visualization of the learning outcomes which should focus not only on grades but also on real life based learning.

The workshop provided an opportunity to all the participating teachers to voice their doubts and queries related to the execution of the lesson plans. It also enhanced their knowledge as many videos and power point presentations were shown by the master trainers to enhance their teaching abilities.

The workshop proved to be extremely fruitful with the teachers gaining insight and expanding their knowledge by sharing their best practices on grammar topics and reading comprehension. The session was indeed enlightening as the workshop ended with a briefing on lesson planning, designing and presentation of activities and assignments by the participants.