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SKILL PARADISE Exhibition-cum-Sale
Event Start Date : 25/10/2018 Event End Date 25/10/2018

October 25, 2018


‘Skill Paradise - A Venture of Young Tycoons’ is a business organisation set up by Commerce Students of Class XI of our school. This business organisation is set up under a UK-based Project SCHOOL ENTERPRISE CHALLENGE run by educational charity ‘Teaching a Man to Fish!’ 
The aim of this programme is to develop entrepreneurial skills amongst the students and equip them to build a strong nation. This business involves production and sale of trendy denim products such as Mobile covers, Sling bags, Stationery Pouches, Pen Stands, ATM Card Covers and Hand Bags using old/second hand denim stuff, collected from students and teachers.
To raise funds for establishment of business, the students of our school organised ‘Fun Fiesta’ in the month of May 2018. This event comprised setting up of various game stalls and food stalls over a period of three days. The event received overwhelming response from the students and teachers of the school. Thus, the required funds for initial capital investment in the business were arranged.
After the summer break, the arrangement of resources was initiated. Two sewing machines were purchased, used denim in the form of old jeans, jackets, kurtas etc. was collected from students and teachers. The team structure for the business was finalized and production schedule was decided. 
Ms. Saroj Sharma, the Art Teacher of the school guided and trained the students for production of such goods. Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/Skill-Paradise-1369922749804890/ was created to make all updates about the business at the public portal. A blog was also created http://skillparadise-davpaschimenclave.blogspot.com for online records and promotion of the business. Such online activities were undertaken by the students under the mentorship of Mr. Arpit Gupta, Computer Teacher of the School.
On October 25, 2018, an Exhibition-cum-Sale of the denim products was organised. Prior to this grand event, the students made ample efforts to promote their business and the goods produced by them. Promotion was done by students through posters, pamphlets and a jingle. The marketing department students also visited different classes of the school to increase the demand for their products.  
The event witnessed a remarkable response from parents, teachers and students alike. A substantial number of products were sold. The parents and teachers visited the Stall exhibited by the students, made purchases and appreciated their efforts. The Principal of the school Ms. Manju Malik also applauded the efforts of the Team of students, the Teacher Coordinators Ms. Kavita Sachdeva, Mr. Gaurav Palia and the Art Teacher Ms. Saroj Sharma.
The journey has just started and the team hopes and aims to achieve bigger milestones in future.