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Guided Tour to the Supreme Court (Senior Wing)
Event Start Date : 28/09/2019 Event End Date 19/10/2019

28 September & 19 October, 2019

‘Guided Tour to the Supreme Court of India’

The Humanities students  of Class XII were taken for a guided tour to the SUPREME COURT OF INDIA, the highest legal authority of the nation  and also one of the  independent India’s first major buildings to be designed by an Indian architect, on 28th September 2019 and  Class XI on 19th October 2019.  The students were accompanied by their Political Science teacher Ms. Bhavna Shah.

The purpose of the visit was to understand the working of a Court, the nature of duties of the judicial officers. The visit was to help the students in understanding the role of Court in dispensing justice in any case.  This gave an opportunity to understand the co-ordination in the justice system.

Entry to the building, which is in a high-security zone, is restricted and regulated either through an electronic access  card or daily passes issued by the Supreme Court registry. The tour was free of charge and conducted between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. Our guide Mrs. Silky Goel  educated our students on historic cases and the architecture of the building.  The tour started from the main lawns within the court precincts, where the STATUE OF JUSTICE stands. The building’s layout reflects its purpose: when seen from the sky, the Supreme Court is designed as the scales of justice, comprising a central beam with two pans, placed evenly. The court commenced its functioning within this edifice in August 1958.

The tour  included  a trip to Courtroom number one, the Chief Justice of India’s court under the imposing central dome . During the tour, the students were explained the modus operandi of courts, the jargons that get thrown around in courtrooms and they also had the privilege to catch a glimpse of the judge’s libraries where they spend a significant amount of time going through documents and books ahead of hearings. They  also got a chance to see  the Judges’ corridor during the tour, which  ended  with a visit to the Supreme Court  Museum.

Students were amazed by the life-size pictures of the former Chief Justices. They showed a lot of curiosity in knowing the history of the Court premises. The guided tour was a great opportunity to gain inside access to the grand interiors of the Supreme Court building and admire the majestic structure in its full glory. The students obtained valuable knowledge. It was a  memorable learning experience full of excitement and enthusiasm for the students.