A Workshop By Space  

A WORKSHOP BY SPACE September 28-30-2015

“Our single greatest defence against scientific ignorance is education and early in the life of every scientist, the child’s first interest was sparked by a teacher.”

A workshop to instil scientific spirit and inquisitive attitude in the young scientists of primary classes was organized by the SPACE organization from September 28 to September 30, 2015. The students were made to explore the space through a thrilling video and introduced to the idea of rockets as a space vehicle. The principle of rocket propulsion by the pressure of the fuel was demonstrated to the students through a balloon rocket and car in class I. The students of class II proudly loaded the fuel ( eno and water) in the rockets to launch their own rockets into the sky. The students of classes III and IV constructed their own rockets, assembled them and enjoyed flying them to great heights and lengths. The students received beautiful colouring books after the session. They were excited and enriched after the workshop and carried their kits of rockets enthusiastically back home.

“ The scientific attitude of mind involves a sweeping away of all other desires in the interest of the desire to know

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