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Tree Plantation Campaign (Senior Wing)  

July 29, 2016

‘Tree Plantation Campaign - 2016

A special ‘Tree Plantation Campaign’ was organised by DAV Paschim Enclave with the aim of creating awareness among the masses about the tremendous deforestation and its adverse effects on our Nature.

Under the Special Campaign Shri Ravinder Kumar Ji, Chairman of the school, Ms. S. P. Chandla, Manager of the school and other members of school LMC planted trees advocating the message --- ‘Let’s make Earth a better place to live’.

With the noble aim of making our environment clean and green, students also pledged to plant more and more trees. School organised a special assembly to sensitize the students to be nature lovers. The School choir presented a melodious composition conveying the message – ‘Let’s go green’. 

The day saw students participating with zest and zeal in the different activities organised on the day. DAV Paschim Enclave has been making endeavours to spread awareness regarding the environmental issues inspiring the students to make our Earth- a healthy planet....