The Leader’s Vision  
The Leader's Vision

DAV Centenary Public School, Paschim Enclave is a hub of innovation, creativity, enquiry, imagination, out-of-the box thinking and e-learning. Students are ‘armed’ with technology, skills, abilities, humanity, values and life skills education. Existing in a world, where only the ‘survival of the fittest’ is possible, everybody is running after QPIs and percentiles only; we are re-defining ‘fit’ individuals and teaching them, not only how to survive & succeed, but to ‘LIVE’ and ‘ENJOY’ a wholesome, fruitful and gratifying life. We aim at social, moral, intellectual, emotional and cultural ‘fitness’, in addition to academic success.

We are aiming at well-rounded personas churning oceans of revolution. They will be known for what they REALLY are and not by their marksheet alone. They will be well-equipped and armed to take on the big, bad world with their positivity and resourcefulness. Overcoming the existential crisis shadowing the innate talents of many a talented student today, these brilliant stars will shine out in all fields and make India proud. If they can make their life meaningful for themselves, their family, community, city, nation and world, then the school has done its job.
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DAV Centenary Public School
Paschim Enclave, Mianwali Nagar, New Delhi - 110 087
CBSE Affiliation No. : 2730289, School Code : 85343
DoE Reg. Id. : 1617177
Tel.No. : 011-45679793 (Senior School), 011-40396196 (Junior School)

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