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Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think!
                                                                                                                         - Albert Einstein
Gone are the days when a child’s acumen was adjudicated by the academic performance in the marksheet alone. In the era of globalization, the future belongs to - Research Based Learning and Progressive Approach in the field of education. I strongly believe that education must aim at making an individual well equipped, ready for the future by honing his/her skills, improving the perspective, developing the social responsibility quotient of the students with life skills and moral values and providing a conducive environment for the all-round development of one’s personality.
I am immensely elated to state that the students of DAV CENTENARY PUBLIC SCHOOL, PASCHIM ENCLAVE have been proving their mettle in various fields, aggrandizing the reputation of the school. The school is a hub of innovation, creativity, enquiry, imagination, out-of-box thinking and e-learning. The school is making laudable initiatives not only to make students excel academically but making them socially, emotionally and culturally responsible also.
Children are the future of not only a nation but the world. With the air and water of rich education, they blossom into beautiful flowering plants that become the shady trees of tomorrow, making this world a beautiful place. We believe in preparing students to face the global challenges and concerns of present and future. In the present scenario, where the world is shrinking to become a global village, students must be well acquainted with the global, environmental, social and political issues so that the global aim of sustainable development is achieved. The school aims at igniting excellent thinking skills, spirit of enquiry and the zest to spread the wings of imagination in learners.
‘Be the change you want to see in the world’, these words of Mahatma Gandhi have always been my inspiration. Let us promise ourselves not to give up because great achievements and impressive progress always take time. Let us be ready to toil hard, be ready to face the challenges, be ready to brush all the fears off, be ready for the road ahead and promise ourselves to look back only to cherish the altitudes we have ascended….the heights we have scaled…

Sonia Malik

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DAV Centenary Public School
Paschim Enclave, Mianwali Nagar, New Delhi - 110 087
CBSE Affiliation No. : 2730289, School Code : 85343
DoE Reg. Id. : 1617177
Tel.No. : 011-45679793 (Senior School),
011-40396196(Junior School)

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