School Uniform  


School Uniform for Students

* Note : As notified earlier, DAV College Managing Committee has introduced new common DAV Brand uniform for all DAVs all over India w.e.f. the session 2015-2016. Kindly worn new common DAV Brand uniform from the session 2016-17 onwards, new uniform is compulsory for all the classes.

School Uniform Norms

Note: Students flouting the norms mentioned below will be penalized. Parents are requested to ensure that their wards do not default on any of the norms.

  1. Shirt to be tucked inside the skirt/shorts/trousers.
  2. Collar and cuff buttons to be done.
  3. Shoes to be polished regularly and laces tied.
  4. Winter uniform to be worn as per the guidelines provided by the school during the session.
  5. No fancy/flashy wrist watches, wrist bands etc. to be worn.
  6. Junior Students (Pre-school to IV) must carry their hygiene kit to the school everyday.
  7. Tie should be tied tightly. Collar buttons to be done and tie must cover the topmost button.


  • Will tie their hair in two plaits with plain red/mehroon soft-bands/black hair-pins.
  • Must not open/puff up their hair in any way.
  • Hair should not be dry/frizzy. It must be oiled regularly.
  • No fancy hair-clips, clutchers etc. should be worn.
  • Henna/mehandi, nailpaints, kajal/eyeliner, lip-gloss, jewellery, wrist bands, bracelets, fancy/coloured earrings are not allowed.
  • Must not possess combs, mirrors etc.
  • Deodorants are not allowed.

For Boys

  • Hair should be oiled regularly.
  • Showy hairstyles/spikes etc are not allowed.
  • No bulky bracelets/watches are allowed.
  • Deodorants are not allowed.
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