Exclusive Excursion on September 23,2014

Exclusive Excursion on September 23,2014 Click here For Details
Awesome Adventure Camp to Pratapgarh Farms!

After ten days of hectic examination days, the school planned a camp out for the students of junior wing this month. No doubt, children look out for such adventurous trips eagerly. It not only fosters self reliance, physical fitness and compassion for others in them but also acts as a supplement to the academic curriculum of the school.  These adventure camps inculcate a wave of rejuvenation, making them fresh and harmonizing their energy



Picnic Pleasure

DAV Centenary Public School believes in providing opportunities to its students to become self reliant and more confident in their own abilities. Keeping this in mind, an Eco Adventure Camp (at Najafgarh) was organized on October 8, 2011 for the students of junior wing of the school. On reaching the camp site, the students were divided into various groups and each group was assigned a guide as the team leader. After a sumptuous breakfast, the kids were taken for various adventurous and thrilling activities like Wall Climbing, River Crossing, Commando Net, Rope Ladder, Rappelling and Burma Bridge. Encouraging one another, the kids not only accompolished the activities but also enjoyed them to the brim. The most rapturous activities were the tractor , bullock cart and the camel cart rides . The feel of being in a farm could be felt on these rides. If the breakfast was tasty, the lunch was tastier and everyone had a hearty fill. Post lunch activities included a spirited game of ‘Tug of War' between the classes. This was followed by Magic Show which really enthralled the kids. A dance session at the end completed the fun quotient of the visit which made the day a cherished memory for one and all.


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. Having credence in this popular proverb, DAV Centenary Public School, Paschim Enclave premeditated a visit to National Rail Museum for the students of Pre School & Pre Primary on Friday, 12th October 2012. This unique museum has a fascinating and exotic collection of over 100 real size exhibits of Indian Railways. Static and working models, antique furniture, historical photographs etc. displayed in the museum lured the attention of the tiny tots. A ride on the toy train was heavenly bliss for the toddlers.  The museum exemplifies the rail heritage of India and proves to be a tremendous treat for the learners. The joyous experience was relished to its best and will be definitely cherished in future.

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